The Allergy & Asthma Institute Pakistan

COVID-19 Nasal Wash Study Pakistan

Could a simple salt water solution lessen symptoms of COVID-19 and help people get better faster?

Brief Description Of Trial

COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide and is now a pandemic with no cure yet. The COVID-19 Nasal Wash Study Pakistan is done to find out if nasal washing and gargling with salt water (hypertonic saline) helps individuals with COVID-19 get better faster. Vaccine for Covid-19 exists, but it will take a significant amount of time for everyone to get vaccinated. In such a scenario, we need a safe and effective treatment that can be used globally.
We are asking Pakistanis above 18 years of age with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19 to take part in a randomised controlled trial. The participants will be first screened to decide whether or not they are eligible to take part in the study. Next, they will be asked to give their consent to take part in this clinical trial. After providing us with information about their symptoms, they will be randomised either in the intervention group (perform nasal washing and gargling with salt water at home) or in the control group (continue doing ablution or wuzoo). Participants in the Intervention group will be sent a courier of salt, spoons and beaker. Each participant, from both groups, will fill a daily diary upto day 14 or until they get well (whichever comes first). Finally, they will be asked to fill two forms; day 14 form and end of illness form.

For further details, please download About Study.pdf